Project Wildlife Animals: Crows
What to do if you find:

Baby Crows
If you find a “baby” crow out of the nest, immediate action should be taken. Putting the baby back in the nest is always the best option. If you are unable to put it back, then it should be taken to a licensed rehabilitator.

Juvenile Crows
Juvenile crows are almost fully feathered, eyes open, and able to move around well on their feet. It is normal for a crow to be on the ground at this stage in life. Crows learn how to fly from the ground up. At this stage they are still being taken care of by the parents. If the parents are around, the juvenile crow will probably be vocal and spend a little bit more time in the open. When the parents are out foraging for food, the juveniles tend to be quit, and hide in bushes. The only time you should intervene is if they are in imminent danger of being attacked by a cat, dog, or hit by a car. Crow are very intelligent, and tend to build their nest in safe places. If you do find a crow injured or in danger, it should be taken to a licensed rehabilitator.


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