Golden Eagles are the national bird of Mexico and are common to Southern California. One way to distinguish a golden eagle from an immature bald eagle is a golden eagle's legs are entirely feather covered; an immature bald eagle's lower legs are bare. Golden eagles can be found living in mountainous areas, prairie coulees, and other places...

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Local Wildlife

San Diego is a beautiful and special place, boasting a tremendous variety of habitats for many wild animals. As our human population increases, so do the chances of encountering wildlife. Often these encounters are detrimental to wildlife, such as when they are hit by cars, injured by pet dogs and cats, or have their nests disturbed. Sometimes the encounters cause conflict between animals and homeowners, such as when a raccoon family lives under a porch or a woodpecker pounds on the side of a house.

Most people who find themselves in these situations simply don't know what to do. Proper information can prevent animals from being injured, orphaned or becoming a "nuisance." We at Project Wildlife have a perspective based on many years of experience in wildlife care. In addition to providing medical care for injured and orphaned wildlife with the intent of releasing them back to the wild, Project Wildlife is committed to educating others about how human activities impact wild animals.

This site provides information on how to peacefully co-exist with wildlife. It contains basic information about wild animal behaviors and outlines practical ways to handle common encounters. It also provides instructions on what to do when you come across an animal that needs help. Wildlife is an integral component of San Diego's unique ecosystem, and we owe it to ourselves and our wild neighbors to act responsibly.

Project Wildlife is a proud partner of The Humane Society of the United States program, Wild Neighbors. For additional resources on coexisting with wildlife in your neighborhood, please visit the links below:

[ Wild Neighbors ] by The Humane Society of the United States

Humane solutions to wildlife conflicts

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Project Wildlife Blog

Learn more about Project Wildlife through our blog.

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Meet Project Wildlife: Animal Ambassadors

Our Animal Ambassadors help our presenters illustrate the beauty and value of the native wildlife of San Diego County. Meet them now!

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Collaborative Partners and Supporters

Project Wildlife works in cooperation with the following agencies and organizations to provide critical services to the native wildlife and residents of San Diego County.

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Resources: For Veterinarians

We work with a number of local veterinarians who are concerned with helping wildlife. For medical resources and for more information on how your practice can partner with Project Wildlife, please visit our Veterinarian Resources page.

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Care Center

Wildlife Care Center
Custer Street
San Diego, CA 92110
Directions & Map
Open 7 days a week
(except Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year's Day)
Staff/Volunteer hours: 9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Drop-off area is open 24/7.

To speak to a representative during business hours 10am - 6pm, call 619-299-7012.
For after-hours emergencies, call your local police department or San Diego Humane Society's Humane Law Dispatch 619-243-3466.

Outside of San Diego County?
If you are outside of our geographical area, please visit the emergency page of Wildlife International or contact your local Department of Animal Control or state Fish and Game office.

Media Resources

Resources for the media to learn more about the good work Project Wildlife provides San Diego County.



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Wish List

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